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              Company profile

              About Us

              Wuhan UVLEDTEK Co., Ltd., a professional supplier of UV LED chips, devices, modules, light source systems and application solutions, provides high-performance near UV LED solid light source systems and equipment, high-quality deep UV LED chips / Beads / modules and services to UV LED developers and application companies around the world, and creates rich UV industry solutions with excellent scientific and technological innovation capabilities to build an open and win-win product ecosystem, Promote the construction of industrial norms, and help the industrialization and upgrading of glue, paint, ink UV curing, medical beauty, plant factory lighting, air, water, surface sterilization and other industries.

              Based on the high-level R & D technical team composed of senior technicians such as doctors, postdoctors and senior engineers, and the complete semiconductor UV LED R & D and production line from epitaxial growth, chip preparation, device packaging to light source system, the company takes the lead in launching uva-led curing light source system, uvb-led medical beauty and plant factory lighting terminal products for printing, optical fiber, liquid crystal and other curing application markets, And uvc-led chip and device module products for sterilization and disinfection market. The light efficiency, optical power density and other performance indicators of the products are leading in the industry, and have been approved by Midea, Haier, Gree, Xiaomi, Changfei, BOE and other well-known enterprises for batch use.

              Since its establishment in 2015, the company has been focusing on the fields of UV LED curing, phototherapy, and sterilization for a long time. It has established nearly 10000 square meters of semiconductor research and development and production bases in Wuhan, Ezhou, and Suzhou, fully implementing 6S management, and has passed the IS9001 quality system certification. Its product performance and market share are leading globally. The company has applied for a total of 248 Chinese and international patents (with invention patents accounting for more than 50%), and has been granted 24 invention patents. It has been selected as a national "high-tech enterprise", "Hubei Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy Team", "Donghu Development Zone Gazelle Enterprise", "Optics Valley High tech High Growth Top 20 Enterprises", and "2018 Hurun Baifu China's Top 50 Most Valuable New Star Enterprises in Hubei" 2020 Jiangsu Provincial High Level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Enterprise, 2021 Hubei Provincial "Specialized, Refined, and New" Small Giant Enterprise, 2022 National "Specialized, Refined, and New" Small Giant Enterprise, and 2022 Hubei Provincial "Potential Unicorn" Enterprise.

              Wuhan Youweixin, with the core technology of full independent research and development of UV LED chips, stands at the historical opportunity of upgrading LED in the UV light source industry, works hard and focuses on profession, and shoulders the national responsibility of building China's own UV core!